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Jeff Skolnick, MD, PhD, LFAPA

A Uniquely Qualified Expert

Dr. Skolnick is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, 43-year Zen Buddhist practitioner and teacher, former neuropsychology graduate student and brain researcher, with a PhD in Natural Health Science. As creator of the SatoriWest Method and founder of the company, SatoriWest, he has trained many therapists, who have successfully used the SatoriWest Method with hundreds of psychiatric patients. The Method works for everyone, whether in crisis, stressed with life or seeking Enlightenment. Dr. Skolnick has spoken at many venues, including bookstores and wellness events.

From people with mental health concerns, to behavioral health professionals, to the average person seeking fulfillment, to those seeking enlightenment, Dr. Skolnick’s innovative and engaging talks will have a powerful impact on your audience.

The SatoriWest Method is:

About correcting brain programming that causes all people to stress and suffer.

About finding inner peace, joy, and Enlightenment.

Shifting the brain to its peak with awareness skills and holistic wellness practices.

Learning how crisis and hardship can be opportunities for essential life changes.

“The SatoriWest Method was insightful, interesting, helpful, thought-provoking, useful, and challenging. This was the program I needed and have been seeking for almost three years, since my diagnosis. I feel hopeful and giddy about the possibilities for healing and perspective. Thank you so much for giving me more tools, and especially for giving me hope that my healing will be durable and long – lasting.”


Praise for the SatoriWest Method

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