Our Vision

To foster a world filled with people who have evolved their brain to its highest level—unlocking its potential for inner peace and happiness, unparalleled wisdom, and amazement with its own existence.

Our Mission

We will use the SatoriWest Method© in a variety of settings to achieve our Vision. These settings include licensing curricula in mental health and substance use disorder facilities, as well as membership in our SatoriWest LifeClubs© configured for a variety of populations of different ages and situations. SatoriWest LifeClubs will become a global wellness and self-development institution, one recognized as commonplace in society and integral to people’s lives.

SatoriWest Lifeclubs

LifeClub members are part of a tight-knit community who together are guided through a step-by-step personal transformation. Seamlessly integrating “one-stop-shop” wellness and life improvement programming with “BrainShifting” awareness skills, it taps the amazing capacity of its members’ brains.

History of the SatoriWest Method

The SatoriWest Method© was developed over the last four decades by Jeff Skolnick, MD, PhD. A visionary of innovative treatments for mental health and substance use disorders, Dr. Skolnick used his deep experience as a psychiatrist, brain researcher, and Zen meditation practitioner to bring together Eastern and Western methodologies to help people overcome hardships, depression, and crises and achieve the joy and wonder that is already built into our brains.

Hence, the SatoriWest Method© was born. The method is currently being taught to patients at Cascade Behavioral Health, where it has proven to be remarkably effective. SatoriWest is now poised to bring this method to other hospitals and beyond to help anyone improve their mental health and live life to the fullest.

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