Besides Behavioral Health Facility Programming, We Offer:

A 2-Day Introductory Workshop (virtual or in-person) to the SatoriWest Method

This retreat offers a bit deeper introduction to the SatoriWest Method. Participants will learn how survival brain programming warps reality and causes suffering, as well as how the brain’s self-awareness programming can lead to life fulfillment. Participants will learn how to move from one end of the spectrum of human experience to the other, sharing in small group formats personal experiences and aspects of life wellness.

A 2-Day Adolescent/Teenager Caregiver Workshop

For parents and caregivers raising adolescents and teens, challenged by the stress of their role, we offer an introduction to the SatoriWest Method geared to enhance coping with their roles, as well as the ability to educate one’s children about the cause of their stressors.

1:1 Coaching with Dr. Skolnick and/or Clinical Team

For individuals who have attended one of our introductory workshops or participated in behavioral health facility groups where the SatoriWest Method is used, Dr. Skolnick or a certified and licensed member of the SatoriWest clinical team, can help individuals actualize the SatoriWest Method in their lives.

We Will Soon Offer:

Outpatient Psychotherapist SatoriWest Method Certification

For behavioral health professionals who want to incorporate the SatoriWest Method as a psychotherapeutic modality, we will offer in-depth CEUs/CMEs leading to certification, as well as ongoing consultation.

Membership in a SatoriWest LifeClub (for Mood Issues)

Depending on the population each LifeClub serves (e.g., for people with mood disorders, retirees, university students, people with medical concerns, religious communities, those who qualify for psychedelic-assisted therapy) commitment is minimum 6-months, offering:

  1. Step One: Assessment
    • 30-min Psychiatric Interview
    • Wellness Questionnaire
    • Recording simple biometrics (e.g. vital signs)
    • First LifeCoach meeting
  2. Step Two: Weekend Introductory Retreat
    • Introduction to SatoriWest Method
    • Starting LifePlan and wellness strategies
    • Meeting HomeTeam
  3. Step Three: Weekly meetings
    • Hour and a half HomeTeam workshops
    • 15-minute LifeCoach virtual sessions
  4. (Optional) Retreats
    • Meditation (“Skills of BrainShifting”)
    • Health and wellness
    • Psychological Discovery
    • Recreational
  5. (Optional) Individual Consultation
    • Psychiatric
    • Psychotherapy
    • Naturopathic
    • Consumer Assistance
    • Financial planning advice