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The SatoriWest Method consists of 5 points

The “Human Condition”

Life, for all of us, comes with many crises and hardships. We accumulate their emotional toll as we grow older, while we try to distract ourselves from our suffering.

Tunnel Vision

Actually, we don’t suffer because of what happens to us. We suffer because our minds become warped due to our brain’s normal survival wiring. We call this “Tunnel Vision.”


However, hidden (in plain sight) in the human brain is the extraordinary potential for inner peace, amazement, and profound fulfillment. We call that simply, “Perspective,” which is the gateway to transpersonal Awakening.

The SatoriWest Journey

Going from a life of Tunnel Vision to a life with Perspective means shifting how our brain pays attention. We call that BrainShifting. This can be accomplished with direct (mindfulness-like) skills. The brain can also shift itself naturally when we practice complete wellness.

Crises as Opportunities

A shortcut known about for thousands of years can take you from crisis levels of Tunnel Vision to the highest degrees of Perspective. To keep crises from taking you down, you can learn how to use hardship and suffering to your advantage.


What our participants are saying

I so loved my experience! An overwhelming positive environment..! Learning “the SatoriWest Method” has been an absolute joy and mind awakening as well. I am walking away from this all together extremely happy, confident and knowledgeable!

– Develyn

I participated in the [SatoriWest] PHP program. I felt comfortable in this positive environment. This uplifting energy was constantly shown. I’m grateful for this experience and looking forward to continuing the program.

– Narinder

Extremely impressed! My past 8 years has evolved to chronic crisis events. The more I put into this program, the more I [received] back! Thank you so very much!

– Kimberly


Blessed by Distress

How to Use Suffering to Evolve Your Brain and Transform Your Life

By Jeff Skolnick, MD, PhD

In this ground-breaking book, noted psychiatrist, long-term Zen practitioner, and brain researcher Dr. Jeff Skolnick introduces us to the SatoriWest Method, which can help all of us find greater perspective, wisdom, ease, and joy.

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