You are not alone

The answer to stress and emotional struggles comes from ancient wisdom explained with modern knowledge of the human brain.

Feeling stressed out, struggling emotionally or even dealing with some degree of depression can be part of life.

If stress is taking a toll on you, if someone you love is facing mental illness, or if you are unhappy and looking for deeper experiences with meaning and fulfillment in your life…

You’ll Find Answers Here

The SatoriWest Method will work for you.

Don’t let trauma, crises, and hardship take you down; they can bring you to a deeper, more meaningful experience of life. The SatoriWest Method explains suffering and emotional struggle in clear, simple, and actionable language that can bring you to increasingly greater peace, happiness, and fulfillment. It teaches you to shift your brain using direct (mindfulness-like) “BrainShifting” skills while helping your brain shift naturally on its own with complete wellness strategies.

What is

The SatoriWest Method?

The SatoriWest Method is a new way to bring Eastern wisdom together with Western brain science.

It describes the spectrum of human experience from suffering to our highest potential, showing you with simple, clear, and actionable language, strategies to relieve your emotional struggles and find the meaning, peace, and fulfillment waiting to be discovered.

Our programs teach you

 How to go from Tunnel Vision to Perspective


Tunnel Vision

the experience of anxiety, stress, frustration, grief, anger and sadness.

The 8 Facets of Tunnel Vision

  1. Attention gets grabbed, compelled, or given over
  2. Lessens your self-control
  3. Lowers your awareness
  4. Make you suggestible
  5. Causes reality to mix with your imagination
  6. Exaggerates your sense of self
  7. Warps your thinking and beliefs
  8. Confuses the past with the present



the experience of wisdom, irony, humor, compassion, love, peace, and profound gratitude

The 8 Facets of Perspective

  1. Attention is open and inclusive
  2. Your self-control is heightened to spontaneous
  3. You are more aware of what’s happening
  4. You are more objective, less gullible
  5. Your imagination is separate from reality
  6. You have less to no ego with which to screen life
  7. You thinking is more rational
  8. You are more grounded in the moment

Stress and struggle don't come from what happens to you, but rather how you react to events.

True, lasting inner happiness and peace are not the same thing as pleasure—no matter how many pleasures you find, how intense they are, and how long you hold on to them.

Happiness comes from within,

 not from outside places, objects, or even other people. It’s already there, waiting inside your brain for you to discover it.

Avoiding pain and suffering

can be more stressful than knowing how to experience them.

Caring for and evolving your brain is the single most important thing you can do in life!

It affects everything—your health, goals, relationships, feeling of meaning and sense of wellbeing. A static brain always leads to stress, dissatisfaction, and suffering.

What is

The SatoriWest Method?

The SatoriWest Method© is a revolutionary new approach to mental health and substance use disorders. It’s also about how to deal with life stress and dissatisfaction.

The SatoriWest Method© is where East meets West. It joins together Buddhist wisdom with modern brain, behavioral and wellness sciences. It brings all the areas of your life together in a way that guides you to happiness and peace. It’s been proven to work for anyone motivated to learn it.

The SatoriWest Method© consists of 5 points

The “Human Condition”

From the very beginning, we face waves of life crises and struggles that take a toll on us. We accumulate negative feelings, even though we often distract ourselves from them. This is called, “the human condition.”

Tunnel Vision

We don’t realize it, but the actual reason why we suffer in life is not because of what happens to us, how lucky or unlucky we are. It comes from survival wiring in our brain that warps our mind. This is called, “Tunnel Vision.”


There is an incredible aspect of our human brain that allows it to know itself. This self-awareness is the core of what it means to wake up to how amazing each moment really is—giving us wisdom, natural good humor, and a love for life, etc. This is called, “Perspective.”

The SatoriWest Journey

To go from Tunnel Vision to Perspective requires your brain to shift how it pays attention. We call that BrainShifting.

There are three ways BrainShifting happens:

  1. Recognize your Tunnel Vision (it has eight sides) when it shows up.
  2. Practice the skills of BrainShifting (starting with mindfulness). We can teach you.
  3. Allow your brain to BrainShift on its own by giving it peak wellness in these spheres:
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Organizational
  • Moral
  • Existential

Crises as Opportunities

There is an irony built into life and the SatoriWest Method: the more you suffer, the easier it becomes for your brain to find great and even profound Perspective. We’ll show you how.


Why should you learn the SatoriWest Method© ?

There are no silver bullets or simple solutions.

Our approach is holistic and integrated. Wide-ranging and unified systems work best.

No one can do it alone. Not us. Not you.

People change best in supportive communities. We foster tight-knit connections.

Everyone’s circumstances are unique.

People need individual guidance. Trained and certified professionals lead you on your journey inward.

Transformative change is hard.

People need clear and specific instruction for transformative change. Ours is a step-by-step process.

Dozens of testimonials evidence our effectiveness.

The SatoriWest Method explains Buddhist principles and mindfulness practices. In that sense, our program has been extensively researched, widely used by mental health professionals, globally accepted, and time-honored.

We have unique training and expertise to help you.

The SatoriWest Method was created by Jeff Skolnick, MD, PhD –   40-year Zen meditation practitioner, MD psychiatrist, former brain researcher, and PhD in Natural Health Science. Dr. Skolnick is an experienced clinician, author, and teacher. Dr. Skolnick combines all of his expertise to create professionally developed programs designed to change your life.

While navigating the difficulties of life, people are driven—whether they know it or not—to fulfill their highest potential.

Managing stress and recovering from illness and disorders is not enough. We focus on truly helping you improve your life.


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