The SatoriWest Method©

Revolutionizing the Behavioral Health Industry

The market is increasingly moving towards preventative and alternative medicine:

  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), now called Integrative Healthcare.

  • “Green Psychiatry”: In 2009, 1 in 3 Americans utilized one form of CAM for mental health concerns
  • Use of meditation grew from 4.1% in 2012 to 14.2% in 2017

  • Mindfulness and meditation growing 
    • In 2016, 9.3 million US adults used meditation, and mental health problems were the most important reason. Sci Rep. 2016; 6: 36760
    • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) are growing exponentially
  • There is a significant unmet need for mental health services

  • Attract voluntary, higher income patients

  • The stigma of mental illness and substance use disorders is high. What are people seeking?
    • Brain health
    • Mind-body wellness
    • Spirituality and Enlightenment

  • The shadow of the Covid crisis on mental health and substance use is colossal and long-standing

“I researched it before I came here. Because of the program Dr. Skolnick was running…The reason why I came to this facility was because of the work I think it would help our patients with….[then] I heard from the patients great things. The reviews that I heard from then personally really encouraged me that this is something that is definitely needed in our healthcare system… Yes, you’re the reason that I came.” TJ (Utilization Review)

  • Transforming patient lives (not just eliminate symptoms)
    • “An overwhelming positive environment..! Learning “the SatoriWest Method” has been an absolute joy and mind awakening as well.”
    • I came to the program because I was considering suicide… What I liked best about the program is that it is a step-by-step guide to work though problems in life… I had never seen another program like this and it made so much sense to me!

  • Exemplary patient outcome measures

  • Partial Hospital PHQ9 change score 9.8 (with national average around 6)

  • Enrich staff experience and satisfaction

  • Diane, an enthusiastic proponent of running SatoriWest video groups: “I’m a registered nurse working on the voluntary unit here. I have run the videos for the patients…they come here for depression and anxiety… and through the SatoriWest [Method] they are able to look at the Tunnel Vision, because that it the common by-product of their anxiety and so they can use the SatoriWest techniques to enhance their recovery…” 

  • Enhance cultural change 

  • Counseling skills/Therapeutic Assertiveness Training/Therapeutic Apologizing Trainings for all clinical staff and select for staff requiring assistance

  • LifeClub revenue-sharing
    • Membership fees
    • Sale of additional services and products
    • Clinic fees

What is the SatoriWest Method?

The SatoriWest Method is:

  • Complementary and integrative (CAM) healthcare for mental health and substance use disorders
  • A brain development system
  • Integrated mind-body-life-spiritual wellness

Key, Universal Facts

Your Patients Will Learn

In Our Curriculum:

  • Everyone struggles with life crises and
    emotional issues

    They are not alone. There is no difference between them, staff,
    and other people.

  • Human brains are prewired to create suffering

    Stress and suffering do not come from life events.
    “Tunnel Vision” in the brain warps the human mind and causes
    unhappiness, stress, anxiety, and frustration.

  • Human brains have an astonishing built-in feature

    It allows self-awareness that leads to wisdom, spontaneity, joy, and profound fulfillment—no matter what is happening. We call that “Perspective.”

  • We can learn to maneuver our brain into Perspective

    Through recognizing Tunnel Vision as it appears Through a series of skills called BrainShifting (which begin with mindfulness) Through strategies within 6-spheres of wellness that shift the brain naturally

  • Crises, hardships, and adversity can be an advantage

    They make BrainShifting easier. They shift the brain into Perspective automatically

Our programs:

Seamless Vertical Integration

Programming from inpatient crisis, outpatient subacute distress, to life wellness and wellbeing programs—patients stay connected for years

Program Deliverables:

The SatoriWest Hospital Package includes:

  • 2 Mindfulness Meditation Times

Using BrainShifting, skills that are part of the SatoriWest Method©

  • 5 SatoriWest Method Overview Video Group Modules:

Psychoeducational group formats led by RNs or MHTs

  • 30 Wellness SatoriWest Method-based Group Curricula 

Psychoeducational group formats led by RNs or MHTs

  • 15 Psychotherapeutic Process Group Curricula 

Psychotherapeutic Process groups

  • 12 Posters/artwork

Depicting the SatoriWest Method© or its themes

  • SatoriWest LifePlan Booklet with Instructional Video

Mini and extra larger versions available.

  • Ancillary Wellness Services tied the SatoriWest Method

Yoga, Acupuncture, Expanded nutraceutical formulary

  • Staff Counseling Skills/Therapeutic Assertiveness/Therapeutic Apologizing Training

For all clinical staff or for select staff requiring assistance

Our three week curriculum includes:

  • Therapist Certification Process

 3-Week shadowing of SatoriWest Method-certified, licensed staff,
including examination 

  • 45-minute Introductory Video

Allows patients to enter the program at any point

  • Curriculum Binders

LifePlan Booklet, handouts, flyers

  • Instructor’s Curriculum Guide

Daily outline of curricula

  • Telehealth Access

Videos and handout access for telehealth patients

  • Weekly Webcast

For patients, including Q&A

  • Professional consultation

For therapists with Dr. Skolnick or certified team members, including Q&A

  • Branded Posters


      1. The SatoriWest Method
      2. Motivational Posters,
      3. Artwork with SatoriWest Themes

A SatoriWest LifeClub is an ongoing program. Membership keeps the community affiliated with your facility for months or even years.

Introductory Phase includes:

    • Psychiatric Assessment (midlevel)
    • LifeCoach assessment and LifePlan Initiation
    • Wellness questionnaire and biometrics

Introductory Weekend

    • To learn the basics of the SatoriWest Method and bond with other HomeTeam members (cohort of 15 members)
    • Currently nonresidential. 

Monthly Cycle (one 2-hour group a week)

Week One: Aspects of tunnel vision

Week Two: Aspects of Perspective

Week Three: Aspects of Wellness

Week Four: Similar situation/identity/diagnosis process group

Retreats (optional for 3-7 days)

    • BrainShifting (meditation)
    • Nutrition and/or Fasting
    • Psychological Self-Discovery
    • Social and Recreational

Clinics (optional participation) 

    • Psychotherapy
    • Naturopathic Healthcare
    • Nutritionist
    • Financial Advisor
    • Consumer Education and Concierge


  • Experienced medical executive

  • 40-yr Zen Buddhist meditator and senior Zen teacher

  • Brain researcher/doctoral student: neuropsychology

  • PhD in Natural Health Science

  • Diplomate / Lifetime Fellow APA / UW Clinical Assistant Professor

  • Author and media interviewee

  • Founder the SatoriWest Method,© and Hospital/PHP-IOP/LifeClub© programs

Why choose us?

High Quality Environment

Our program will help your facilities attract high quality staff and create a positive work environment.

The Future Of Care

The SatoriWest Method is a powerful model that is the future of care for everyone. Yes, even you reading this right now. The curriculum has been carefully tailored and is continuously updated to reach growing number of people unsatisfied with just surviving; it is for those of us who want to get the most out of our one life.
See How Our Particpants Felt

Experienced Team

SatoriWest, led by Dr. Jeff Skolnick and staffed with an experienced, enthusiastic team, is responding to the worldwide call for holistic, high quality care. The method seamlessly integrates multi-billion industries – complementary healthcare, mindfulness, brain health, recovery and resilience, and trauma informed care – and brings together otherwise piecemeal remedies such as supplements, acupuncture, exercise, stress reduction, life management, (such as help organizing finances, time and clutter), brain health, development programs, and a special set of skills we call BrainShifting.
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Seamless Integration

Our three programs are vertically integrated to offer seamless care for your customers through all stages of healing, enabling them to stay involved with their treatment and personal growth for years. The results go beyond merely a relief of symptoms – it helps participants reach their highest potential.

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