1-Day Mental Health and Advanced Development Workshop

Dumas Bay Retreat Center – Federal Way, Washington

April 13, 2024 | 9am-4pm

Are you struggling emotionally?
Does nothing seem to fully help?

Are you seeking a more fulfilling and deeply joyful life?

The SatoriWest Method is a breakthrough brain-centered approach to mental health and advanced personal growth. It explains how human brains are programmed for suffering, stress, and unhappiness, but configured for peace, bliss, and awe — no matter what!

Learn why the human brain is programmed for emotional struggles.

Explore how to STOP suffering and reduce stress and dissatisfaction.

Access your innate wisdom, humor, compassion, creativity and capacity for immense gratitude.

Transform your crises and hardships into opportunities!

Jeff Skolnick, MD, PhD,LFAPA—Creator

Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, 43-Year Zen Practitioner, former Neuropsychology doctoral student and brain researcher, PhD Natural Health Science, author, and lecturer.

Hatoun Althwara,MA, LMHC

Licensed mental health counselor with a Master’s in psychology and 8 years of experience in child and family counseling, group therapy, intensive clinical therapy, and outreach and crisis intervention services.


What our participants are saying

An overwhelming positive environment..! Learning “the SatoriWest Method” has been an absolute joy and mind awakening as well. I am walking away from this all together extremely happy, confident and knowledgeable!

– Develyn

[The SatoriWest Method] has opened my awareness to the shallow way of thinking I have been doing for many years. I am looking forward to practicing these skills to open up my world and become much more adaptable when things don’t go quite as planned.

– Daren

The SatoriWest Method has shown me the pitfalls which would plunge me into depression as plain as day. I feel as though my thinking has been drastically shifted away from misery and anger to a place of harmony and inner peace. I know have a strong grasp on how I should structure my thinking and behavior to achieve holistic prosperity. I believe that anyone who engages with this material can learn valuable lessons on how to change their life for the better.

– Lucas

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